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VMWare Server “Failed to lock the file” error

One of my VMWare Servers in Pekanbaru returned this error…
Its running VMWare Server 1.0.3 on Debian Etch… and must of been shut down improperly…

Resolving requires me to delete 2 *.WRITELOCK files within the same directory as the *.vmdk file…

$ ls
Windows XP Professional-f001.vmdk
Windows XP Professional-f002.vmdk
Windows XP Professional-f003.vmdk
Windows XP Professional-f004.vmdk
Windows XP Professional-f005.vmdk
Windows XP Professional-f006.vmdk
Windows XP Professional-f007.vmdk
Windows XP Professional-f008.vmdk
Windows XP Professional.vmdk
Windows XP Professional.vmdk.WRITELOCK
Windows XP Professional.vmsd
Windows XP Professional.vmx

after that starting the virtual machine from the VMWare MUI seems to do the trick…

  • Steve

    The same thing will happen if you shut down vmware server 2 improperly. In order to start your guest machine you will need to delete any *.lck files (new name for lock files).

    cd to
    find . -type f -iname \*.lck -exec rm -v {} \;

    BTW, there are directories named *.lck; you don’t want to remove them, only the contained lock files (also *.lck).

  • Steve, thanks for the tip… it hasn’t happened to me on VMware Server 2… yet… now i know what to do when it does… 😀

  • Yep.. confirmed Steve’s suggestion for VMware Server 2….

  • ben

    thanks for this.

    The lock file was left there because VMware server crashed. Do you think vmware workstation would be more stable than vmware server?

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